Unveiling the Menace: Spyware-Infected WhatsApp Mods Pose Serious Threat (2023)

In the dynamic landscape of messaging applications, WhatsApp and Telegram have seamlessly integrated into the lives of billions, serving as the go-to platforms for communication, sharing, and staying informed. However, amidst the convenience, a hidden peril lurks — spyware-infected WhatsApp modifications distributed through Telegram channels and websites housing these mods.

The Temptation of Mods: Exploring the Whys and Hows

Users often seek additional features beyond what official WhatsApp and Telegram apps offer. This desire has given rise to third-party modifications, or mods, catering to specific needs such as interface customization, chat hiding, message translation, and more. A plethora of mods exists, each aiming to fill perceived gaps in functionality.

The challenge arises when users opt for these mods, entrusting not only the original developers but also the mod creators, who may embed malicious modules. WhatsApp, in particular, actively opposes mods, complicating their distribution. Despite such opposition, users keen on enhanced features resort to downloading mods from various sources, inadvertently exposing themselves to potential threats.

Unveiling the Threat: Spyware in WhatsApp Mods

Our recent investigations have brought to light infected WhatsApp mods infiltrating Telegram channels and WhatsApp mod download websites. These mods, previously innocuous, now harbor a spy module identified as Trojan-Spy.AndroidOS.CanesSpy.

Once installed on a user's device, the infected WhatsApp mod patiently awaits activation, contacting specific servers and uploading sensitive information such as phone numbers, IMEI, and network codes. The spy Trojan's capabilities extend to searching the device for files and recording audio from the microphone, both sent to command and control (C2) servers.

Distribution Channels and Geographic Impact

The infected WhatsApp mods were discovered in Telegram channels, primarily in Azerbaijani and Arabic, under the names of popular mods like GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, and AZE PLUS. Furthermore, APK files containing the spy module were found on WhatsApp mod download websites.

In October alone, our security solutions thwarted over 340,000 attacks in 100 countries, with Azerbaijan topping the list, followed by Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Turkey.

Safeguarding Against Messenger Spyware

To protect against the looming threat of spyware:

  1. Stick to Official Apps: Use only the official WhatsApp and Telegram apps to minimize the risk associated with mod installations.
  2. Official App Stores Only: Install apps exclusively from official stores like Apple App Store, Google Play, and Huawei AppGallery.
  3. Verify App Authenticity: Before installation, scrutinize the app's store page to ensure authenticity, steering clear of potential fakes.
  4. User Reviews Matter: Delve into user reviews, especially negative ones, to identify any suspicious activity associated with the app.
  5. Implement Robust Security: Install reliable protection on all devices, with automatic scanning for threats for premium users.


The discovery of spyware-infected WhatsApp mods emphasizes the importance of vigilant app usage. By adhering to official channels and implementing stringent security measures, users can mitigate the risks associated with third-party modifications, ensuring a secure messaging experience. Stay informed, stay protected.


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