Astrolog Vlad Ross: In-Depth November Predictions and Geopolitical Insights (2023)


In this comprehensive astrological forecast, Astrolog Vlad Ross provides detailed insights into key events anticipated for November. Ross delves into geopolitical tensions, war scenarios, and potential shifts in power dynamics. Read on for a thorough analysis of the astrological predictions for the month ahead.

October Recap and Transition to November

Ross begins by reflecting on the tumultuous events of October, predicting the escalation of conflicts in the Middle East. However, he assures a more favorable outlook in November as Mars exits Scorpio, a sign associated with death and destruction. This transition, occurring around November 24, suggests a positive shift in the overall cosmic energy.

Geopolitical Developments

The astrologer anticipates a tense situation in the first half of November, with ongoing negotiations regarding the conclusion of the war and the liberation of Russian-occupied territories. Ross hints at a potential willingness for dialogue from Russia, triggered by a significant attack. The latter part of the month might witness agreements on a ceasefire, contingent on Russia's withdrawal from specific regions.

Technological and Nuclear Threats

Ross highlights the risk of technological catastrophes and explosions, especially around Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant, emphasizing the need for caution. He foresees an escalation of nuclear rhetoric from Putin, warning of potential nuclear weapon testing. While emphasizing the gravity of the situation, Ross provides a glimmer of relief, suggesting that if a nuclear disaster is averted, Ukrainians can start feeling more secure.

Potential Missile Strikes

Cities like Kyiv, Odessa, Dnipro, and Lviv face potential missile threats, particularly those equipped with S-300 and S-400 systems. Ross predicts strategic advancements by Ukrainian forces, pushing towards Crimea and initiating confrontations in various cities. The forecast includes a detailed strategic overview, outlining potential targets and the evolving dynamics on the front lines.

Infrastructure and Utilities Concerns

The astrologer addresses the possibility of disruptions to essential services, including power, water, and heating. Ross warns of increased shutdowns, attributing them to Putin's strategic military decisions. The prediction extends to potential challenges for cities near the Dnipro River, with a focus on the vulnerability of bridges.

Territorial Advances for Ukraine

Ross forecasts territorial gains for Ukraine, emphasizing the importance of encircling strategic locations like Kurdiumivka and Horlivka. He anticipates unexpected Ukrainian advances in Donetsk, which, if successful, could deal a significant blow to Russia's campaign in the region.

Implications of the Israel-Hamas Conflict

Ross touches on the Israel-Hamas conflict, highlighting its positive impact on Ukraine. Despite overshadowing Ukrainian news in global media, Ross predicts continued international support for Ukraine, aligning it with assistance to Israel and Taiwan. He estimates a substantial financial influx of around 80 billion dollars.

Geostrategic Motivations

Analyzing the Israel-Hamas conflict, Ross suggests that China's influence drives the war. China aims to control the geopolitical narrative, diverting attention from India's initiatives. The geopolitical landscape, once envisioned to include Paris and Beijing, now sees China attempting to reshape it through the Middle East.

Conclusion: End of the War and Post-Putin Era

In a bold prediction, Ross asserts that the war in Ukraine will conclude upon Putin's demise. He speculates on behind-the-scenes negotiations, pointing to the possibility of a Christmas truce and conflict freeze by the New Year. As the planets align in Sagittarius, diplomatic resolutions may pave the way for a more stable future.

In this extensive astrological forecast, Vlad Ross navigates through intricate details, offering a nuanced perspective on November's potential developments. From geopolitical intricacies to celestial alignments, Ross provides a comprehensive guide to the month ahead.


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